ViewPoint: The Mojo is Sprouting Back - Early sprouts emerging around Vertical Platforms!

 ⇒ Time to Put IBM on your Platforms shortlist

 IBM has recently introduced a couple of vertical platforms in the Financial Services space.  Early versions of these vertical platforms bring together a differentiated thought leadership and vision around its ecosystem platforms.  It is fair to say at this stage The IBM solution is not totally explained by our DEM platform but has similar implications. Its bases start with a set of technologies allowing the functioning of an ecosystem where multiple partners add value to the core functions. IBM leverages aspects of its cognitive (Watson) base (AAI in above figure) and also combines functionality from our other key platforms (DIP,IoT, Business Processes & Models) to create a cloud based Platform as a Service solution. The features and functionalities are significant as IBM brings its vertical expertise into play especially at the core.

The good thing is IBM has developed a flexible approach for deployment and has also readied its framework approach by Global Services.  Global Services becomes key in conversations on operating models revolving around risk awareness, data driven, real time, secure, agile, personalization, etc. It takes the client through top priorities to key capabilities to key performance indicators (KPIs) for building ‘Process as a Service’ business model. 

As said above, IBM is always successful when it leading and providing a holistic vison of the journey the clients need to make.  It seems the early stages of a holistic transformation vision, tied around Global Services and leveraging the expertise of its various other groups around ‘platform solutions’ seems to have aligned the company.  Add to this the developments seen around managing multiple hybrid clouds, mapping application topologies, service automation and cognitive process transformation are early indicators of the right vision.  Virginia “Ginni” Rometty (IBM CEO Current) now needs to make sure that all forces are pulling in one direction from which they can all benefit.

It is time to consider IBM again for your transformation. We recommend you to shortlist them to understand their platform plays in your vertical. With the early sprouts,  as IBM focuses more and more on its clients transformations it may start to lead again in migrating its’ clients at every level , not just the cloud, or cognitive but of the Digital Transformation value-stack! 


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