Zara debuts at Zurich

Corporate ViewPoint

Recently Zurich UK launched a chatbot pilot called ‘Zara’ for six weeks to help customers submit their claims more efficiently and in a faster manner, at any time. The information is then passed to the human claims handler to respond and process the claims. With the help of the chatbot, the company aims to reduce its response time to 3 hours from 24 hours for non-emergency home and motor claims.  

According to David Nichols, chief claims officer at Zurich, “In a digital age, many of our customers expect to be able to interact with their insurer online and this pilot has allowed us to gauge interest in this type of innovative and exciting technology.’’ “The move to use robotics shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a hindrance. New and innovative technologies will help customers, but also empower us to redeploy people so they can develop new skill sets beyond traditional career paths.”

‘Zara’ – the chatbot is developed by Spixii, an insurtech startup that came out of Zurich-sponsored StartupBootCamp. It uses behavioural economics to help Zurich customers to notify the insurer of a claim.

According to the company, they already saw Zara at work in the recent ‘beast from the east’ weather disruption to the UK. The number of calls were much higher and the chatbot was available 24x7 and could immediately log in the first notifications.

Insurance Directions ViewPoint:

Insurance Directions believe chatbots fit perfectly well in the complex and sophisticated insurance environment. It can help insurers to provide instant support to the customers via website, mobile app and via text or voice. The artificial intelligence automates widely used ‘non-human’ customer support conversations and improves decision making processes. When used in ‘human’ customer support conversations it helps the person in making faster, informed, actionable responses. It reduces the customer’s response times and can efficiently improve interactions with a customer. Already they have been a number of such usage and we expect more and more companies to utilise this technology.


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