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This advisory looks at the growing need for an Underwriting Workbench solution, the challenges and the new key building blocks. It also briefly looks at the different types of suppliers.

This advisory focuses on Appian’s underwriting workbench called ‘Connected Underwriting’. Here we take a glance at this solution, why there is a need for it, its features and capabilities. We provide our initial views on it as well as the Appian AI Process Automation Platform on which the workbench is prebuilt on.

This Executive Guidance highlights the returns on the digital workforce which are considerably high. Digital workforce can work side by side with human employees, can provide actionable insights and help improve overall organisational productivity.  Understand the key issues from our free video below.

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Areas of Excellence

  1. RPA Transforming FNOL
  2. Understanding Digital Workforce
  3. HyperAutomation – The Next Phase
  4. Digital Workforce in the Insurance
  5. Robotic Process Automation in Insurance the Industry
Claims Modernisation
  1. Claims Submission: Blending multiple channels into a single experience
  2. S&S: Guidewire ClaimsCenter
Executive Training
  1. Key Concepts of Digital Transformation
  2. Key Technologies for Digital Transformation
  3. The Key Pillars of Digital Transformation

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