• Executive Training
  • Migration Briefings
  • Company Presentations
  • CEO Briefs
  • Executive Board Summit
  • Internal Training Workshops
  • Corporate Client Presentations
  • Press Presentations
  • Technology Workshops
  • Roundtables
  • Leadership Training
  • Technical courses
Our Pathways Group focuses on providing tailored presentations, briefings and formulated training to our clients. Our energy is directed at emerging technologies, embryonic markets and niche segments. Utilising internal knowledge and research findings we provide tailored workshops to brief and train both end-user corporate clients as well as our vendor clients.
  • Impact on top-line revenues
  • Impact on bottom-line profitability
  • Impact on technology leverage
  • Impact on customer care, service and loyalty
  • Impact on new products and first to market solutions

Our Current Courses for corporate training are

  • Digital Transformation – an Introduction Course Digital Transformation: ‘Seizing the Opportunities Now’ – an In-depth Course
  • Key Concepts of Digital Transformation – an In-depth Course
  • The Key Pillars of Digital Transformation – an In-depth Course
  • Introduction to the Key Concepts & Pillars of Digital Transformation
  • Key Technologies for Digital Transformation– an Introduction Course
  • Key Business Issues for Digital Transformation
  • Key Infrastructure Issues for Digital Transformation
  • Key Concept of ‘Monetizing Your Data’
  • Key Concept of ‘Digital Risk’, its Management and Governance
  • Implications of Digital Transformation for the Insurance Industry
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