Strategic Consulting

  • Market Dynamics
  • First Take on Emerging Technology
  • Reference Architectures
  • Technology Road Maps
  • Routes To Markets
  • Migrating Segments
  • End-User Surveys
  • Eco-Systems
  • Value-Stacks
  • Vendor Choice             
  • Migratory Paths           
  • Technology Analysis
  • SLAs
  • Investment Returns
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Product Road Maps
  • Value -Driven strategy
What does Digital Transformation mean to you, more profits or more problems? Where does technology fit in the equation? How do you leverage value from partnerships and create profitable eco-systems? How to translate this into a competitive solution by leveraging global assets and utilising ‘As-A-Service’ offerings, What Platforms do you need to use, How about your Digital Experience management Solutions? Our understanding of vendor solutions enables us to advise and guide clients, to ensure the latest thinking is provided. We have a tremendous wealth of experience working with CEO’s and CIO’s on formulating IT strategies, optimising IT operations, business continuity plans, security directions and compliance issues.    The Strategic Consultancy Group focuses on providing high value, high knowledge, comprehensive advice and strategic analysis. This hub delivers advice and analysis to both the vendor and the corporate end-user communities
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