DXM Reference Architecture


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At Insurance Directions, we believe that the journey of Digital Transformation can be started through various avenues and one such avenue is through ‘Digital eXperience Management’ (DXM).  In this Executive Brief, we would like to take you through our early view for the reference architecture of DXM in the insurance industry. This view will change and adopt as the market matures and more platform integration takes place.

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Content Type: Executive Report ; Programme Type: Corporate Advisory Programme

No of Pages: 7

Applicable Verticals: Insurance

Applicable Regions: Global

Applicable Subjects: Digital Transformation, IoT, AI, Smart Analytics, Robotics, Digital Experience, Digital Platform, Blockchains, Web Content Management & Digital asset management, Content personalisation and marketing automation tools, Commerce platforms, Customer service interaction management

Programmes Covered: Global Digital Customer Experience Management & Platform Solutions Corporate Advisory Programmes, Executive Programme

Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Definitions
  • Reference Architecture
    • Web Content Management & Digital Asset Management
    • Content Personalization and Marketing Automation
    • Customer service Interaction Management
    • Commerce Platforms
    • Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AAI)
    • User Touch Points
    • Digital Infrastructure Platforms (DIP)
  • Insurance Directions ViewPoint


List of Figures:

  • Figure 1: Top Level Framework of DXM&Ps
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