Has IBM Got its Mojo back? Early sprouts around Platforms!


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Over the last few years it seems like IBM had lost its magic, the mojo of understanding what its clients want and at the right time seemed to have got muddled. In effect it seemed IBM had lost the pulse of its clients, its markets and was marketing a number of solutions where it was hedging its bets but was not what the end-user customers wanted or was ready for yet! It seemed more and more that IBM only had one mantra and that was applying Watson (its cognitive solution) to everything, every vertical and every offering. Watson was developing along nicely when IBM developed its cognitive push but this was just too early for the marketplace. Applying it to various verticals and solutions seemed too early and overkill for the marketplace.

It is time again to consider IBM for your transformation journey….read this publication to know why…

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Applicable Subjects: Digital Transformation, Digital Platform, Ecosystems/Digital Ecosystems/ DEM, Analytics/Smart analytics/Cognitive

Programmes Covered: Global Digital Customer Eco-system Management & Platform Solutions Corporate Advisory Programmes, Executive Programme

Table of Contents:

  • Displacing the Mojo?
  • Signs of Mojo Located?
  • Our Reference Architecture
  • Reference Architecture for Digital Transformation
  • ViewPoint: The Mojo is Sprouting Back – Early sprouts emerging around Vertical Platforms!


List of Figures:

  • Figure 1: Key elements of the Digital Transformation journey
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