Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019

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RPA platforms are making tremendous impacts on businesses. The technology has evolved well from
assisted and unassisted RPA to integrate cognitive and AI technologies to bring truly intelligent
automation. The early RPA platforms needed manual control and management of bots as well as
manual management of system changes. It was often difficult to scale too. As the technology
evolved, it was possible to deploy RPA in the cloud, it could scale well and could support advanced
workflows and analytics. Currently, many enterprise RPA platforms have built in cognitive
capabilities, AI technologies like ML, NLP. It enables bots to process unstructured and structured data
alike. And with predictive analytics, it can also support automation of processes that requires deep
human-like understanding and decision making.


Table of Contents

Evolving RPA platforms
Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Portfolio
Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019
A word on Automation Anywhere
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List of Tables & Figures

Figure 1: Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Portfolio
Figure 2: Basic Automation Anywhere Enterprise architecture
Table 1: Enterprise A2019 – Delivery Models
Table 2: Enterprise A2019 – Key features and functionalities

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